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Want a Solution for Perishable Products!! Here We Are


  • The cold chain is expanding since the consumption of cold produce is also growing. Businesses are looking for improved traceability options, including food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies.

  • A good example of the scope of the problem is a global food waste report by the United Nations where it states that over 20% of fresh produce gets lost in supply chain between harvest and retail.

  • The result? Huge economic, social, and environmental losses. As such there is a growing interest and efforts in developing sophisticated cold chain traceability technologies.

Blue Frost
Crystal Salt


Using the sensor data allows to set up notifications whenever something out of the ordinary occurs. For example, if the temperature falls behind or gets close to a certain measure the system warns the user and the situation can be rectified to avoidbigger losses​


Reliable Connectivity Ensured by dual SIM cellular router
with auto failover and SIM switch capabilities

Simple Ecosystem one router can connect up to 200
Bluetooth sensors and the pairing process takes seconds
using a smartphone device like.

Security since some cold chain produces, like
pharmaceuticals, are of interest to theft, the data is
secured in a professional level VPNs and industrial
protocols are used.

Exact traceability GNSS service availability on the router
allows to track the exact location (or supply chain link)
where a certain event occurred.

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