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track your vehicle Telematics in real time


Our Services

Discover our range of Tracking services designed to meet your equipment needs. From online vehicle tracking to fleet management, we offer solutions for financial institutions, businesses, and individuals. Our advanced technology ensures accurate data collection and analysis, providing you with valuable insights to optimize your operations.

Online Vehicle Tracking

Track your vehicles in real-time with our online vehicle tracking service. Monitor their location, speed, and route to ensure efficient operations and improve driver safety. Our system also includes features such as driver behavior monitoring and vehicle data recovery.

Fleet Management

Optimize your fleet's performance with our comprehensive fleet management service. Gain visibility into your vehicles' activities, manage maintenance schedules, and analyze fuel consumption. Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall fleet productivity.

Personal Vehicle Tracking

Ensure the safety and security of your personal vehicle with our personal vehicle tracking service. Keep track of your vehicle's whereabouts, receive alerts for unauthorized use, and monitor driving behavior. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected.



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Assets and Vehicle Tracking

Monitoring Live Location of your assets, Advanced Monitoring of over speeding, harsh acceleration/braking, and asset utilization


Advanced MiX Telematics

Proactive monitoring through live streams of vehicle information​

Scrutinize fleet information in detail, based on user-defined events selections

Gasoline Pumps

Fleet and Fuel monitoring management

Monitoring of Fuel Level, fuel fillings, fuel theft and consumption to enhance efficiency of usage of fuel

Freight transportation


Get to Know Us

  • History

We Started as a Fleet Management Business Unit of Kenya Grange Vehicle Industries Ltd in 2002 and incorporated in 2007.

  • Years of Operation

Over the last 14 years, we have provided fleet management and tracking solutions to a whole spectrum of clientele with operations within East Africa.

  • Sectors/Industries

Our solutions are applicable across industries such as oil and gas, logistics, exploration, garbage collection, school Buses, Private/Public Transport sectors.

  • Client Base

Customized solutions work for large and small fleets including passenger cars, light vehicles, buses, trucks, Prime movers and plant vehicles (e.g., materials handling and mining & construction).

  • People

We have a team of 60 plus. We have a range of Certified technicians based in Kenya (Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, and Nakuru ).

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Controltech uses the latest technology to enable real time tracking of assets, live streaming of precise geographical location and a range of analytics and reporting tools for historical events and tracking of even video events


Fleet Management,  Driver Safety , Vehicle Tracking Services and Solutions help our clients to:

  • Reduce fuel costs by 15% on average

  • Management of routes and delivery schedules

  • Improve vehicle utilization and maintenance

  • Be able to track vehicles/assets and drivers in real-time, and assign jobs accordingly

  • Identify, monitor and driver behavior

  • Manage servicing and licensing, resulting in reduced wear and tear and increased vehicle uptime

  • Lessen carbon emissions, helping to create a healthier, more sustainable environment





Year Established

Customers' Assets Fitted With Tracking Devices

Successful Clients

Awards Won

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +254703204570/1 or fill out the following form below so as to get our services quickly

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Head Office

14 Isiolo Road, Off Enterprise Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi, Kenya

Tel:  +254703204570/1

Tel:  +254786204570

Mombasa Office

Get our services at our Mombasa office in Kwa Jomvu opposite shell Petrol station

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