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Mix Telematics Fleet Manager
Truck Fenders

MiX Telematics Fleet manager

MiX Overview

•Provides real-time view of assets’ current positions

•Displays useful information such as speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violations

•Track asset movement

•See which driver is driving which vehicle


•Proactive monitoring through live streams of information

•Scrutinize fleet information in detail, based on user-defined events selections

•Contains information about events & messages to and from assets and/or drivers

•A stream can be ‘undocked’ and kept open, regardless of where the user navigates to in the application

•A range of reporting and analytics tools are available


•It can work well on Tablet or mobile phone with a   user friendly API

•It has an Attractive and intuitive User Interface

•You Can View Drivers, Assets, Locations, Trips, and   Events

•Supports iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Get Reports On

•Measured Fuel Consumption

•Engine Time

•Odometer reading

•Distance / asset utilisation

•Speed reports

•Daily/Timely Driver Scoring Trend

.Event Occurrences

.Accident Reconstruction.

Financial Report
Truck and Warehouse

Solution Features

With MiX journey management

Business efficiency is improved

The safety of people, vehicles and cargo
is prioritised.

Operating costs are reduced

Reputational risk is lowered in terms of
quality of service as well as community
and environmental impact.

Real-time notifications

Static compliance checks

Journey requests & approvals


Robust reporting

Road hazard assessment

Exception-based journey monitoring

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