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Mix Telematics Camera

MIX Vision AI

AI Camera


Our customers can determine exactly which events and driving behaviours typically lead up to a crash. This is supported by accurate, relevant AI-powered data that serves as visual evidence when it matters most.
This visual evidence can not only be used to analyze accidents after-the-fact and in the subrogation of claims, but it also facilitates driver

Which is proven to boost positive driver behaviour and reduce driving-related crash rates along with associated losses.

MiX Vision AI greatly enhances the existing benefits offered by the MiX Fleet
Manager software platform and, most importantly, gives customers access to
one fully integrated solution – no added third-party systems or contracts.

One fully-integrated solution

To save on download times and operating costs, only low-resolution videos are
initially uploaded initially. But high-resolution versions of each video are stored
and available for download, if required.

High-quality videos on demand

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Car Interior_edited.jpg

MiX Vision AI has an intelligent eye that detects various driver and vehicle behaviours and anticipates which of these behaviours could potentially lead to an accident. MiX Vision AI monitors:
• Speeding
• Harsh acceleration
• Harsh braking
• Driver fatigue
• Seat belt usage
• Phone use while driving
• Lane departure
• Forward collision warning
• Following distance
When a predetermined driving event is triggered, a video recording is automatically started and the driver is warned via an in-cab alert to correct the behaviour

More than a Camera

Using this smart video technology, fleet managers gain supervisory insight into what drivers do while on the road, detect and act on fatigue.

improve driver coaching with the use of visuals, reduce incidence-related costs and liability, improve accident investigation and lower
risk-related insurance overheads.

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