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Smarter, AI-driven Vehicle Camera

Manage your fleets of vehicles with Smart Advanced Driver Assistant Camera.

That has the ability to detect the following activities:

Forward-facing Advanced Driver Assistant camera:

 1. Lane departure warning

 2. Forward collision warning

 3. Following distance warning

Driver-facing Driver Management System camera:

 4. Fatigue warning

 5. Phone use warning

 6. Distraction warning

 7. Seat belt warning

 OBC-triggered events with road and in-cab video

 8.   Harsh braking (Low sensitivity trigger)

 9.   Harsh acceleration (Low sensitivity trigger)

 10. Speeding (not default but higher level)

 11. Impact detection

 12. Rollover detection

Driver Behaviour Monitoring


MiX Vision AI has an intelligent eye that detects various driver and vehicle behaviours and anticipates which of these behaviours could potentially lead to an accident. MiX Vision AI monitors:
• Speeding
• Harsh acceleration
• Harsh braking
• Driver fatigue
• Seat belt usage
• Phone use while driving
• Lane departure
• Forward collision warning
• Following distance
When a predetermined driving event is triggered, a video recording

is automatically started and the driver is warned via an in-cab alert

to correct the behaviour

Track Delivery
Video Camera Lens
Camera with driver fatigue assistance
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