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Container Lock

GPS Container Lock


We successfully combine a realizable mechanical lock, GPS, and advanced wireless communication technology to make available to our customers heavy duty and high security intelligent locks. Each intelligent lock can communicate through GSM, Bluetooth, and a feature-rich user-friendly web platform, sending you accurate tracking information, lock status and real time warning alerts according to your predefined events.



Size                          95mm*124mm*43mm          GPS Chip            U-Box 7Q

Body                         Aluminum alloy                     Bluetooth            4.0
Power Input              DC 5V / 2A                           Warranty             1 year

GPS Accuracy          5 Meters Interval                  Time                    Adjustable 

GPS Start Time        32s(cold), 1S(hot)                 MOQ                  1 Unit

GPS Sensitivity        -160dbm                               Battery               12800mAh

GSM                         850/950/1800/1900 MHZ     API/Protocol       Available


  • Robust lock and physical protection

  • Real-time tracking and remote locking

  • Real-time lock location and status

  • Alerts that notify you of any break-in attempts

  • Feature rich on-line platform provides real time management, analysis

  • Reports, alerts, lock status

  • Easy to use

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