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Track3 With Fuel Management
Truck Fenders


Driver behavior and events report

•Over speeding in prohibited locations e.g., blackspots.

•Harsh Braking and Acceleration.

•Idling beyond certain number of minutes controlling fuel consumption

•Entry and exit of geofences notifications

i.e., Notifications on driver Behavior events can be activated to send popups on the screen or email  as they happen.

Features of Telematics System

•Mileage covered in each duration

•Events report (fuel filling, theft, tamper box, unit disconnection , speed   violation, green band driving)

•Journey stops and departure report

•Location and Geofence reports

•Fuel consumption reports

•Video camera events

•Accident reports

Benefits of Telematics fleet management system

•Increased road safety (driver behavior)

•Reduced cost of operations and maintenance(fuel consumption)

•Focus and control of running and financial costs

•Improved road safety (speed limit zones)

•Reduced impact on the environment (carbon emission)

•Enhanced operational performance (mileage)

•Improved risk management

•Real time asset tracking facility

Diesel Gas

Logistics and Journey management

• Distributing the orders among units/vehicles;

• Planning routes automatically (cost effective route with less fuel consumption and good delivery time);

• Monitoring the execution of routes (strictly adhere to the route set by the user);

• Communicating with couriers via calls, chat and notifications,

• Sending notifications to clients by email and SMS; preparing reports after the execution of routes.

Fuel Consumption Reports

Manage fuel consumption of your vehicle

Get Fuel Reports Notifications with detailed movement of location and mileage covered together with fuel consumed. We help our customers reduce their fuel cost up to 18%.

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